Continuing our tradition and heritage for teaching and sharing

Happy Cog has always openly shared what we know about creating, designing, developing and deploying websites, since 1999. We take pride in our heritage as educators, teaching new methods and techniques and as students ready and willing to learn from others. We seek every opportunity to write and teach in order to make the industry better.

So we’re pretty excited to tell you that in partnership with Mijingo, we’re introducing The Happy Cog Way, eight instructional courses highlighting the best practices and Happy Cog’s methods. Learn Responsive Web Design, how to build a type system, Sass, HTML5, CSS3, grids, and more.

A unique feature to our course bundles are the round table discussions with our designers and developers. You’ll learn more about why we use a specific method or technology, how we use it, and how its presence has impacted our work.

The following courses are part of The Happy Cog Way bundle. When you buy the bundle the courses will be in your account the day they’re available.

Each course comes with the following material:

  • Video course, usually one hour in length
  • Full, professional transcript
  • 30-minute recorded roundtable discussion with the experts at Happy Cog
  • Supplemental materials, like additional resources, checklists, talking points, and more.
See The Happy Cog Way page for more information about the series.