Meet our newest partner, Mijingo

At Happy Cog, we've always been about helping the design and development community as much as we have been about providing great solutions for our own clients. Today, we take another step forward to help you increase your own awesomeness.

Today, we're giddy to announce our partnership with Mijingo, an independent publisher of training products and services for folks just like you.

Established in 2008, Mijingo began with a series of screencasts for ExpressionEngine development. Since then, it has expanded to include training for much wider range of topics. It also publishes its own online magazine called EE Insider.

"We are joining forces with Mijingo in order to provide a platform upon which Happy Cog can build a comprehensive library of training products and services. Mijingo has established itself as a trusted niche player, and speaks directly to the audiences Happy Cog serves," said Happy Cog CEO Greg Hoy.

For Mijingo, the partnership with Happy Cog will expose the company's products and services to a broader audience, enabling more professionals to benefit from the highly specialized offerings they provide. It also enables Mijingo to grow under our umbrella, because we'll be investing in its success. Mijingo now has direct access to our expanding team of thought leaders in every discipline relating to digital design, development, and strategy.

"Mijingo can now tap into the experts at Happy Cog to help fulfill its mission of creating high quality, useful training materials for web designers and developers," said Mijingo founder Ryan Irelan.

"Happy Cog will not only continue to provide the kind of thought leadership you typically see from us from our writings and speaking engagements," says Hoy, "but through new products and services as well. The opportunity to learn will be everywhere."

Work is nearly complete on a new production studio in our Austin office. A sister facility in Philadelphia will be complete sometime in mid-2013. Keep your eyes peeled for what we have in store. It'll be awesome.